Successful Management Recruitment

Many roads can lead to success; which is the best?Viele Wege können zum Erfolg führen, welcher ist der Beste?

Recruiting firms with different approaches are still often classified under the common term head-hunter. But that has never really been correct and today it is less true than ever.

Classic headhunter = direct approach only

Classic headhunting, i.e. exclusively approaching potential candidates directly, only makes sense if a clearly defined pool of individuals is suitable for an open position and the personnel service provider hired for the task does not have a client relationship with the employers of the targeted candidates. The assignment is often to fill top positions at the executive level of listed companies, for which an international research team working for the hired agency is indispensable. However, only using direct search misses the opportunity to scan the applicant market more broadly and to gain the best available individual for the position.

Multi-dimensional search process

This is exactly the objective and ambition of Corporate Management Selection C.M.S. AG. Achieving this ambitious goal requires the right recruitment tools. One single measure does not lead to the desired result; instead a mix of different activities – a multidimensional search process – must be implemented. This includes placing ads on the most important social media and job portals, a presence on online daily news sites, as well as professionally and actively managed Google AdWords campaigns. If necessary, a direct approach may also be used, as long as the targeted companies are not clients of Corporate Management Selection C.M.S. AG or Engineering Management Selection E.M.S. AG.

Provision of time and expertise

For us, successful recruitment means applying all available search tools: advertisements, Google campaigns, active sourcing and headhunting. The range of tasks is demanding and time-consuming. Since we are fully dedicated to recruitment, we can invest the time needed and apply our expertise for you.

Decades-long track recordLeistungsausweis über Jahrzehnte

C.M.S. AG’s track record shows that the trust our numerous clients have placed in us has been honoured. Thanks to our support, hundreds of executive, management and specialist positions have been filled in a wide variety of industries.

Executive recruitment – our passion

We would be pleased to visit you and present our structured approach and credo: Finding the best person, not the best CV. Contact us by email or phone. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Paul Steiner
Corporate Management
Selection C.M.S. AG